Thursday, February 01, 2007

february ABC poll

it's Feb. 1st and i'm 17w5d. got a new poll - kinda fun!

A - available or taken: taken
B - best friend: Alana always, Jessica, Sue
C - cake or pie: yes please!
D - drink of choice: mimosa - or OJ and ginger ale, lately
E - essential item you use everyday: just one? ok, deodorant
F - favorite color: today, pink
G - gummy bears or worms: worms
H - hometown: American Fork, Utah, lived there the longest
I - indulgence: McDonald's fries! mmm... now i need some!
J - January or February: February. we've adapted to the new year and work has picked up
K - kid's names: Gabriel Douglas, Tyler Garrett, and working on #3... DH thinks we can use the girl's name we picked for Tyler, but i can't. katelen? or miriam/mimi?
L - life incomplete without: family and friends
M - marriage date: April 29, 1995
N - number of siblings: there are six of us; i'm second, one older and one younger sister, 3 younger brothers
O - oranges or apples: apples today
P - phobias or fears: Spiders; used to be needles, too, until i had babies. epidurals cure that!
Q - favorite quote: "If I Did Not Wear Torn Pants, Orthopedic Shoes, Frantic Disheveled Hair; That Is To Say, If I Did Not Tone Down My Beauty, People Would Go Mad. Married Men Would Run Amuck." -Brenda Ueland
R - reason to smile: cute kids
S - season: spring! comes early in NC, i love it!
T - tag 3 people: stewbert, anyone else who stops by!
U - unknown fact about me: see 7 weird things below
V - veggie I don't like: hm... red/bell peppers
W - worst habit: sharing TMI
X - rays: many
Y - your favorite food: Cheese is a great answer!
Z - zodiac: Pisces - but i hate water


Alana said...

NO NO NO( the answer to K is it ALANA...Alana Rose is nice...

MamaBear said...

hey, you wench, you didn't list me under BFF, so you don't get the name!

stewbert said...

I thought it was going to be Apple ...