Tuesday, February 06, 2007

i love my sister

i love both my sisters, and refer to my sisters-in-law most often as sisters, but today i love my older sister best, and i'll tell you why.

you may recall i phoned her sat. crying about not being able to find anything to wear. she promised to send me what she had from her last pregnancy.

my dear sister called me yesterday morning, despite being terribly sick with a nasty sinus infection. she'd already boxed up the clothes, and needed to confirm my zip code (since our modern life doesn't use snailmail addresses most of the time!). then she called back yesterday p.m. to tell me she'd been too sick to get to the post office, apologized, and promised to get it out today. what a woman!

if it were me, i'd still be thinking about getting my slack-ass (term thanks to my new fave, jill: http://www.sweetpotatoqueens.com/) up to look at the clothes, and wondering where i'd find a box. i'd probably just run on down to the UPS store with a bag full of stuff. they keep track of my life for me - you can go in with three bags of stuff, and they'll package it and ship it and have the addresses on file the next time you go. i love the UPS store. it's too damn expensive, but i don't care. http://www.theupsstore.com/?ysmwa=vYjvaqTbkEDPgT2i6eOIwj-ji4tL_B2FKmD13KJXL63Lc52Btf6KbIzXA8hVGvd_ (i've no idea why that tag is so long!)

anyway, i had to write a tribute to big sister, who loves me. hormonal women need to get their love where they can!

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