Tuesday, February 20, 2007

my three freaks

last night DH had a church meeting. i put the boys to bed on time. he came home shortly thereafter and went in to rile them up. gr.

but after he told me the story, i couldn't help but laugh. so i couldn't be mad!

he went in and #2 son says, "dad, sleep with me tonight!"

#1 son: "but then i'll have to sleep with mom, so she won't be lonely!"

DH: "mom won't be lonely. she has the baby with her ALL the time - she's never lonely! for me to be as close to you as she is to the baby, i'd have to - EAT you!"

#1 son: "then i could hug your esophagus!"

#2 son: "and _I_ could tickle your LIVER!"

(ps - after much laughing and riling the boys us, DH came back and slept in his own bed. so i WASN'T lonely. :p )

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