Monday, February 05, 2007

working on names

as soon as you tell people you're PG, they ask if you know the gender. (see separate rant on phrasing this wrong!) the second question is "have you thought of any names?"

well, no. you see, i thought i'd leave the birth certificate blank, and let the baby be known as "baby erdosy" throughout its life. or now that we do know, "baby girl erdosy." sheesh.

the problem with sharing names is that nobody ever likes your names. so they either have to lie, or offend you. mostly they choose the latter. and i'm equally guilty of telling people their names are terrible and they will doom their child for life to being a nose-picking bullied geek. (remember I-lish? sister LOVED that name)

so, here, we're thinking, we're arguing, and DH is caving as usual. JUST KIDDING! Tyler's name would have been emma rose, were he a girl, but i can't reuse a name. the day we found out, MIRIAM popped into my head. i don't think DH likes it a bit, but she can be Mirry or Mimi and it's pretty. plus a friend said she thinks it's a bit fey, where i was just associating it with old testament, and that makes me like it all the more! (i'm a pixie inside)

DH proposed BRIANNA, then realized he'd pulled it straight out of the Outlander books ( being as they're my fave of all time (maybe more than Harry Potter!), i'm perfectly at peace with this. but i like miriam better. #1 son was almost Brian, and i don't dislike the name.

with either of those, Angela would be the middle name. #1 son has been lobbying for a baby sister he can name Angel for YEARS.

we've also talked about Erica, and Katelen, and they're not off the list, either. we take a short list to the hospital. so now you know.


Alana said...

I like Miriam..if you aren't going to name her Alana, then name her Miriam. But why use Angela if Gabey wants to name her Angel? I think Miriam Angel is perfectly lovely.
I always wanted to marry someone whose last name was Darling so I could be Alana Darling..*sigh*

stewbert said...

I like Miriam, too. :)

MamaBear said...

DH confessed last night he doesn't like MIMI. it reminds him of someone's dead grandma. i've never heard it used for grandma more than in passing (this was his friend's relative), so it doesn't bother me any!

i suspected the mimi thing was for drew carey. but i kinda LIKE that mimi! she's such a (fill in the blank with shrew, witch, etc. word of your choice), but she's so confident in herself! they did a good job with her character.

i liked mirry better to begin with, so... the war of names continues!