Thursday, March 04, 2010

hey - didja notice? especially for meg (even though i don't think she reads my blog)

I actually used capitalization in that last post.

today's deep thought...

i've had several thoughts in mind to pass along. where did they go? as soon as i open the window to add a post, my brain goes blank. no fair!

I've had the "Prince of Egypt" playing in the car for a little while now. I really like it, but #1 son gripes. They sing about how "There can be miracles when you believe." And part of me says, but they were BELIEVING for 400 years of servitude before the MIRACLE happened.

boy was i negative for a while there.

But I'm on new depression meds, and now it is INSPIRING! to believe i can do what needs doing, and that things will work out! raise your hands in the air if you believe! A-MEN! *giggle*snort*