Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday Fave Five

oh my goodness, it's Friday again! fortunately i made some notes earlier in the week.

1. internet jokes! the good ones live forever - unfortunately, so do the bad ones. but some can really make your day.

2. blogs. is there anything more fun that getting to know someone who's just about as warped as you are? we can all use another friend - it's hard to be strictly cyber, but we manage!

3. technology. damn, you can do just about ANYTHING with technology. you can see a satellite photo of your house, in such detail as to know if anyone's outside! another remarkable tool for spying on your neighbors - or keeping track of your children!

4. jokes about computers - particularly the one comparing a car to a computer. we love them, we hate them, we can't live without them!

5. fave fives with themes!

not as touch-feely as last week, but i'm more goofy this week, iguess.

if i can get some "audience" participation, i'd love to have a poll on which joke y'all like the best! read through the last few weeks and give me an opinion!

1 comment:

stewbert said...

The mechanic going commando. heheheheh. still cracks me up.