Monday, February 19, 2007

...but a GOOD freak

#2 son is really about the most tender-hearted person i've ever met. he told us a while back that he likes making friends with people who don't have any. this isn't a result of years of church pounding thoughts into his head; these are HIS thoughts.

for his brother's birthday last June, he got to invite one friend to the big slumber party. this friend mentioned in passing that he likes Tyler b/c he never makes fun of anyone. can you think of ANYTHING that would make parents happier?

so, DH and i were sniping at each other yesterday (it was all HIS fault). and i was griping about my many horrible aches and pains (arms alternately numb and SCREAMING painful being chief amongst them). my sweetheart son came and snuggled up to me and said "it's probably your hormones, mom." nothing else could possibly have broken that pity party!

next time i'll have some thoughts about #1 son. he's hitting pre-puberty (actually, he's been dragging it around for a couple of years already), so it's not always as easy to find the fun stuff to talk about. and he's decided to be embarrassed at EVERY story i tell. (good thing he doesn't know about the blog, huh?) so, if the balance of stories is weighted towards #2, that's why; i'm tired of being in trouble every time i say #1's name!

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stewbert said...

richard was like that too -- always friends with the underdogs and never made fun of anyone.

go son #2. ;)