Friday, February 16, 2007

#2 son is a freak!

i was just mentioning elsewhere how he will put ice on an injury, since he was just little, and keep it there; most small fry won't even let you TOUCH an injury with ice!

other ways he's a freak of nature:

we went to the supermarket wed. to return some moldy bread. we do the produce aisle first. as we pass the exotic veg, he asks if we can have asparagus. i say no, they don't take care of it properly here (the stems must be kept damp for tender sparagi!), so we don't like it. so he looks in the next bin and asks "how about eggplant?" tiny japanese eggplant, just as delicate as a bound foot.

well, actually, since #3 brother lives in Japan with his wife and hybrid daughter (whom we all love dearly), he recently sent a recipe for eggplant and pork. but it calls for miso and i haven't gotten any yet. (ALL of his recipes use miso!) so i told him we had to get the miso before the perishable.

we proceed around the perimeter of the store to the frozen foods. where he says, mom, can we buy OKRA? at this point i'm beginning to look at him rather strangely. we all like asparagus, so we do pay too much for it when it appears to be in good shape. but okra? i've eaten that about twice in my life! i told him i don't know how to cook it, but i'll see if i can find out. i'm sure there's a church lady or two who would love to teach me to cook more southern!

two more steps. "mom, buy brussels sprouts!" "Tyler, are you - hungry?" "YES!" "You didn't like brussels sprouts the last time i made them." "I liked them when Carol (auntie) made them!" "well, i'll see if i can find out what she did that made you like them."

one or two of these would have been a laugh, but at this point, i'm staring at him like he's turned green and sprouted a few more heads. and thus needed to preserve the story for all time! - or until an EMP kills the internet.

so i took him home and fed him yogurt. tonight we went to the japanese (!) restaurant (hibachi style) and fed him california rolls, his favorite food on earth. hey - i get some great stories out of this freaky kid! and i'm finding more things to feed him that will keep him healthy!

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stewbert said...

LOL. If Lark had asked for any of those things (except maybe the eggplant), I'd've put them in the cart and taken her home and fed them to her. But then, they are green, and unless it's candy or lettuce, green things aren't her friends. ;)