Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday Fave Five

i have no idea what my fave five is today. but i'll give it a whirl.

1. antibiotics. even if i do get sick again a week later, at least i feel better for a while!
2. elementary school. i love visiting and volunteering. wish i had the time to do both more regularly, but when you're broke, you work. it's just like the smell makes you feel young again!
3. special events at elementary school. today was "North Carolina Breakfast." the kids learned their state song, and had a great big breakfast made from things produced in North Carolina. it was GOOD! (pretty much everything Cracker Barrel serves is made in NC).
4. Fourth grade. i fit right in with the giddy girls. they're not hormonal and boy-crazy yet, so we got along GREAT.
5. Misfit teenagers. i met a girl who said she would babysit and clean house for FREE! she's being home-schooled "because she made a lot of bad choices last year." i told her that being home-schooled is enough info; she doesn't have to tell anybody about her choices! but she's stir-crazy like a SAHM, and is gonna come help me clean the house! woohoo! [she was there b/c she's stir-crazy, has a brother at the school.]

some theme, here - the breakfast made my week! it was such fun. of course, i did spill coffee down my front, but it was my own fault for wearing a WHITE SHIRT. stupid. (i try to avoid eating while wearing white.)

Gabe was very quiet. somehow, half a dozen girls sat near him. but he enjoyed himself and was glad i came, even though he was quiet. i may rant (often and loudly), but i love my boy. he's a freak, but he's MY freak! (he has a club on the bus that is the freaks, and he graduated to Freak Manager when the last one went to middle school. i've taught him well!)

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