Tuesday, February 27, 2007

i'm so freaking sick

and i'm so freaking sick and tired of being ... sick and tired. i know, what a cliche, but shut up.

found out i was PG 10/29. was in a sleep coma for the first trimester. then i got sick. 10 weeks later, i'm still sick with the same recurrent damn bug.

the ENT gave me Cleocin, which is very strong. Monday, four days later, i was WORSE. so he added clindamycin. this is the CLINT Eastwood of antibiotics. i'm some better today. don't feel like i'm going to die (or wanting to) today.

my head isn't full of cement today, but more like mashed potatoes. and i can't type or think. so don't complain about my lack of humor or inappropriateness today. cuz i'll just cuss at you, if i can spell the words.


Alana said...

I especially like how your font is the color of infected sinus snot.

MamaBear said...

yeah, i try to color-code things that way. :D