Monday, February 19, 2007

finally saw Casino Royale

took the kids to the $2 theater and saw the movie. couple of scary bits, nothing too heavy for my boys. it was SO awesome! and can i just say - and this is the whole point of the post - YUM. Daniel Craig featured prominently in my dreams later.

i was pleasantly surprised by the movie. i'm still in mourning over Pierce Brosnan - after having him on my list since my teens, it was the dream of a lifetime when he became Bond. to have him no longer be so was heartbreaking. and for the first five minutes of the movie, i missed him.

and then Craig took over. the writing on this was probably sappy out of context, but IN context - damn. "your smile and your little finger are more masculine than any other man i've ever met." "that's because they can't do what i can with my little finger!" (paraphrased, gimme a break!) anyway - my heart went thump and i'm firmly on team Craig for the duration!

we came home and watched the two Brosnan Bonds we own, Goldfinger and Tomorrow Never Dies. will have to get busy acquiring more Bonds! (you have some really wild dreams after watching 3 Bonds in less than 24 hours, btw!)

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