Thursday, February 08, 2007

i love thursdays

it's almost friday, you can taste the weekend. (of course, i work half a day saturday to get my hours in for the week, but it's still the weekend!)

my newspaper puts in all the fun stuff on thursday (news of the weird, lipstick mystic, advice goddess). it's the light at the end of the tunnel!

thursday is almost better than friday around here. of course, thursday "the 12th" is always worse than friday "the 13th" for me. does this show a trend?


i have a black computer keyboard, with half the letters rubbed off due to my extreme typing speed and hours spent. i also have a silver sharpie. i finally got the two together two days ago and wrote the letters back on.

isn't sharpie supposed to last forever????? cuz the letters are GONE again. except X - i guess it takes a little longer. maybe i should mark all of the keys "X"!

it's a pain b/c all of the keys on the bottom are barely there. i have a Z, a B, and a question mark, and a fragment of a comma. if i'm editing and trying to insert punctuation with my left hand while i arrow around with my right, i end up with M's all over the place instead of commas.

perhaps a new keyboard? right after i get enough maternity clothes i don't have to do the wash every other day.


stewbert said...

hahahaa ... X. hehehe.

stewbert said...

btw, it's not just the typing that takes the letters off. the oils in your fingers contribute.

my "bumps" on j and f are always gone -- so one weekend, I painted a thick layer of white nail polish on the bottoms and let it dry, 'cuz I was making too many typos. yeah ... it helped.