Thursday, February 22, 2007

update - war on bugs!

apparently, the ear isn't really infected. i'm just miserable for no apparent reason.

well, that's not strictly true. my ear hurts awfully, but it's because of SINUS problems. the drainage down the back of my throat burns in the same spot as the ear infection did.

so the ENT hmmed and hummed and studied his PDR to see what would kill bugs but not babies, and gave me Omnicef for two weeks. apparently i'm not allergic as i took it an hour ago and am still kicking.

i also get to keep taking Mucinex, and use a sinus rinse to try to keep things from sitting around and growing bugs on them. this is a very unpleasant feeling (though my freaky DH thinks it's cool to squirt water up your nose and watch it come out of your mouth, along with all the boogies you never wanted to see) to me. but i told the doctor i'd do it at least while on the antibiotic, to give things a chance to get well.

please let this be the pill that fixes this damn infection! i'd better double up on my probiotic starting NOW.

(the ear has an infected hair follicle, but that's nothing like what we were looking for. and the omnicef will kill that, too. it does - sort of - explain the pain. so can the congestion i thought was a normal level in pregnancy. what fun. i am SO getting my tubes tied!)


Alana said...

Ok is it wrong that I totally sqeed when I read the "war on bugs" because it is ALMOST the name of one of my 200 favorite BNL songs? I have a problem....
Sorry youre sick.. I wanna sinus rinse! OOOH that sounds divine. I have icky nasty sinuses ALL the time..

MamaBear said...

i probably got the title from your site, then.

call the ENT. most of them sell sinus rinse bottles, and will give you the recipe. (3 tsp. salt, 1 tsp. baking soda, 1 L water)

i feel like i'm drowning when i do it. it feels like chlorine up your nose (to me). DH says i should warm the water up. i'm too lazy.

stewbert said...

You can get a commercial product at Walgreen's that is actually *called* "Sinus Rinse". I keep planning on getting one (it's an 8-oz bottle and has premixed stuff instead of the recipe), but keep forgetting to go over there ...

MamaBear said...

well, you will buy a LOT of those if they're only 8 oz. this is lots cheaper.