Saturday, February 06, 2010


Big Brothers have a profound influence on one's development.

i went grocery shopping yesterday because there was a strong chance of freezing rain and i didn't want to deal with ice. while i was gone #1 son texted me to ask me to buy bacon.

i didn't go to the store that carries nitrite-free bacon. i went to the closer store to get things done. i read every !@#$% package of bacon and they all had sodium nitrite in them.

i remembered while visiting PA my SIL had served johnsonville sausage and we had read the package; no nitrites! so i picked up some J'vil breakfast sausage.

the boys were happy. DH was happy. Lolly would not touch them.

until i told her they were zombie fingers.

then she picked up her fork and ate 3 whole (cut-up) zombie fingers. with glee and relish and saying "Zombie Fingers!" over and over.

what an imp. we do what we must!