Thursday, April 21, 2005


for those who don't know, I got my eyes lasered several years ago. I LOVE it! it makes me want to sing AMAZING GRACE - I once was [legally] blind, but now I see.

for the first year, I dreamed all the time that my vision had regressed to how it used to be (20/400 - rather bad). (The dreams gradually became less and less frequent.) I was paranoid and wouldn't throw away/donate my glasses until the 6-week checkup! but it works and I really love being able to see.

so, I can't remember, but it's probably been a year since I had one of those dreams. I had one again last night. weird! it might be because #1 son leaves his new pair of glasses (11/04) on my headboard every night when I read him his story... Gotta break that habit! I like being able to see, even in my dreams!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

let's hear it for floobies!

nothing but pink will do for this one.

i recently posted i had been diagnosed with papilloma for my 35th birthday. well, when they went to look for it for a ductogram, or a fine needle biopsy, they couldn't find it. they ultimately did an MRI, which showed normal floobies. yay! i get to keep my floobies! (the new thinking is that the original symptom was caused by an irritated duct, which appeared like a papilloma on mammogram, but had cleared up by the time the MRI was done - four weeks later.)

anywho- let's hear it for floobies! I got to have my first mammogram the week of my birthday, and I gotta tell ya, I've heard some horrible things about mammograms. they pinch and they hurt and they're horrible. well, if your breast tissue is the opposite of dense (read: floobies!), I think it likely hurts less. the normal mammogram wasn't really much to complain about. the tighter one for the abnormality was ouchy, but not too bad - and I'm the girl with the low pain threshold who cries over everything!

(the attempt at fine needle aspiration was a lot worse than the mammogram, and that was probably BECAUSE of the floobies, but i digress.)

i'm back to myself again and feel like posting my deep thoughts once more. i'm sure you all missed me. now you gotta kiss me.


so, i walk outside this morning, thinking what a beautiful day. take a deep breath of what is sure to be crisp, clean, spring air. wait a minute. take another breath. what the heck is this? the air smells like DOG BREATH! how is this possible? it's a gorgeous blue blooming spring North Carolina day? why does the air smell like dog breath?

beat feet back inside and thank goodness for air conditioning. gr.

Monday, April 11, 2005


Well, he's finally had it with me fussing over baby girls. Outside church yesterday, he told me he wished he was a girl SO I WOULD BE HAPPY. major brakes hit. we had a long talk and reached a compromise:
- I may still fuss over babies, but NOT kiss them. only my children.
- I must give my kids equal fussing time.

I also explained how my whole life is set up so Gabe and Tyler will be happy people. I could have a different job, but they would not be as happy in after school care, so I didn't change jobs. I read and sing to them every night so they will be happy. I spend time with them doing things they like to do and things we all like to do so we will be a happy family.

I also reminded Gabe that I have a big heart and room for lots of people in it. I didn't love him any less when Tyler joined our family. He was happier after this talk. But I still can't kiss anybody who doesn't live in our house.