Wednesday, October 12, 2005

bras again

didn't i JUST buy the damn things? why do they have to wear out? seems i'm thinking about them far too often. i never put them in the dryer so they will last longer, but still, i'm always thinking about bras.

the good news is, when the humidity decreases at the end of summer (about two weeks ago), they go on without sticking to me first after the shower.

worse news, my favorite shirt's elastic in the neck ribbing gave up the ghost. it's a t-shirt, but you've all seen it, it has an angel/fairy on the front, green tie-die background. got it at Cracker Barrel. i'm gonna hafta graft a new collar onto it, cuz i can't give it up!

(this fits into this post because it's another elastic problem.)

can't wait for Halloween! oh, wait, i have to buy COSTUMES this year. last year they made costumes out of what they had. gr.