Wednesday, February 14, 2007

going into poll withdrawal

so here's one:
1. Do you like Valentines Day? yes, i think b/c of childhood memories
2. Do you make a big deal out of it? no
3. What are you doing for Valentines Day? not much; might make a big chocolate chip cookie with chocolate pudding on it... (pampered chef recipe)
4. What are you giving/getting for Valentines Day? i'd BETTER be getting chocolate, after the "subtle" hints i fired at him! we don't do much anymore now that we're OLD.

plus some un-Valentine questions for those who say "hell no!"
5. What's your favourite season and why? i like spring best, b/c the warm weather is coming to STAY! (also before allergies start)
6. What's your favourite activity of each season? spending time in the sun. i don't "lay out" or anything, but i love spending time outside in beautiful weather - before the allergies kick in. the best thing i can think of for winter is snuggling up with hot soup or other hot comfort food.
7. What's your best memory of each season?
spring - dying easter eggs in Kindergarten
summer - playing in the sprinkler
fall - crunching leaves and eating Whoppers (i have to have them when it gets cool every year!) - they were penny candy 30 years ago.
winter - christmas

8. What's your least favourite season and why? winter - i HATE the cold!
9. What's your least favourite activity of each season?
spring - allergies
summer - trying to work while the kids are home
fall - all the bills that come with back to school
winter - EVERYTHING! i hate snow work (shoveling) and play (skiing, etc.). i actually enjoy ice skating but not enough to get COLD.
do we sense a theme here?

10. What's your worst memory of each season?
spring - sneezing, wheezing, itching
summer - allergies that won't leave
fall - idiots who burn leaves! sense another theme here? respiratory distress!
winter - painting projects at school for christmas, i spilled paint all down the front of my dress. older sister was FURIOUS b/c it had been her favorite; she cried when she outgrew it!

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