Thursday, February 22, 2007


reading "dooce" today, she was noting how her husband really enjoys watching American Idol with her. you know, as much as he'd enjoy getting random body piercings without being drunk.

and i had to laugh. b/c i ALWAYS laugh at heather. she a funny gull!

[me, i'm just too damn busy (or lazy) to keep track of the TV schedule, so we generally watch whatever's on. i did manage to keep track for Dancing with the Stars through Emmitt Smith's tenure (and is he one FINE man or what?).]

DH loves Everybody Loves Raymond. and i don't. it usually doesn't bother me much. however.

SINCE i've been hormone head, Marie drives me insane. now, i know she's supposed to be funny. but i seriously want to do her bodily injury now. i start watching, and start bitching about what treatment MY MIL would get if she acted that way toward me (which incidentally, she doesn't, but right now it seems like she does! hormones have that effect on me). oddly enough, DH doesn't appreciate those rants.

#1 son is in love with That '70s Show. being the opposite of a conversative mom, i'm cool with that. so we put on WB in the evenings. hey, it's a huge improvement over PBS and cartoons! two episodes of 70s, followed by two of Friends. and everybody is happy.

then DH just HAS to watch ELR. whereupon i leave the room. and there are TWO episodes, of course (it's WB! or CW, whatever). it just seems the better part of valor for world peace - or at least, staying married - that i not comment on that bitch Marie. but i decided that if i left the room for the first one, he couldn't watch the second. a reasonable compromise, no? except it came across as a mandate from Pregnant-Mom-from-Hell.

and i'm actually quite cool with that.

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