Monday, February 05, 2007

the bra rants continue

I had to go to the mall to get bras. you may recall, i hate going to the mall; it has been two years since i went.

"motherhood" has bras. you have to spend good money on bras. otherwise the floobies hurt like heck all the time.

they don't, however, have ANYTHING ELSE in plus sizes. they claim Sears carries their line in plus sizes. so i returned to the mall (!!!) to go to Sears Saturday.

Sears may carry the stuff, but they don't HAVE any. returned to motherhood to do the hormonal bitch thing. they say, they carry it, but not very much, and it sells through really fast.

my reply: "Do I LOOK like I have time to haunt Sears every five minutes to catch the plus-size clothes before they sell through?" Don't be sending hormonal women to Sears when you KNOW they're unlikely to have anything when they get there!

then i cried all the way to "once upon a child." where i found a shirt to cover my belly, with the skirt i bought last week, so i had something to wear to church. (hadn't been in a month, only partly b/c i had NOTHING TO WEAR!)

my dear sister is mailing me HER ugly maternity clothes so i can look awful but be covered. (her description) and i CAN get stuff online - but i don't have $$ to spend, or time to wait, to get SOMETHING on my belly. GR.


Alana said...

..and you claim I have issues.

stewbert said...

I remember how much of a pain "sister" had trying to find plus-size maternity clothes. Glad she's sending them to you. not exactly ugly, but you do get sick of wearing the same clothes for months on end.