Friday, February 09, 2007

Friday Fave Five

stewbert does this and it seemed like a great idea, but i'm not sure i can come up with "fave five." doesn't hurt to try, tho; here goes.

1. I'm grateful for DH.

A. he's been "on session" at church for a year now, and it's amazing how it's changed him. i just talked with him about #1 son's ADHD problem, and we had the BEST conversation about what steps to take (get him evaluated), what to discuss, how to present it to him, how it's affecting him. it was amazing!

B. he's also been SUPER nice this time i'm pregnant. it's a totally different experience with a DH who doesn't send off "you lazy thing, this is all your fault" vibes. i credit his faith and growth with this, too. he's picked up all the slack i've left him (with first-trimester coma followed by two months of nasty colds, sinus infections, strep, and ear infections!).

2. I'm so glad i never have to do this again (see above for reasons)! I LOVE my babies and i'm thrilled to get another one - even more so that it's a girl. and i'm glad i get to hang up my fertility and feel finished and fulfilled after this pregnancy is over.

3. My job. i'druther be a SAHM, but if i have to work (and i do), it's a fulfilling, challenging job, that i do from home so i'm here for my neurotic babies who can't cope without me. yeah, i'm bored and frustrated at times. but i like it mostly.

4. my neurotic babies who can't cope without me. shoot, if your kids can't be needy and let you exercise your nurturing and patience, who can? and damn, i've changed since i've had kids.

5. my big family and friends. y'all keep me from going completely bonkers with this stupid job that keeps me home all the time without human adult social interaction! electronic will just hafta do for now. we have birthdays all year, what with 6 sibs and spouses, plus 14 grandchildren after miriam pops out. so i'm always thinking of someone. *snif* and missing them, but that's life in the modern world. at least we have electronics!

i did it!

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stewbert said...

Good job!!! My like it. :)