Tuesday, February 20, 2007

the saga continues/vent

since DH had a brain fart the resulted in the kids staying home, i let him take care of the "excuse note." i didn't expect the absence to BE excused, but they still need a note.

as he's rushing them out the door, i hear him saying, "Well, I'm sure you had a stomach ache at some point yesterday, so here's your excuse."


just phoned him in the car. my points:
1. this teaches them that when it is expedient, it's OK to lie.
2. when we disagree on points like this, we shouldn't discuss them in front of the children. [this was one of our spats this weekend, him questioning me in such a manner. my reply made him mad, so he was nasty to me.]

his answer:
1. he didn't want them to be punished for his mistake.
2. i'm probably right.

he can't just come out and SAY i'm right, he has to say "probably." ARGH! but he DID say he'd talk to them about it. and i know he didn't consider the consequences. he just wanted to get the note written, and them not to be in trouble. and i was really nice on the phone.

but parents have to ALWAYS consider the consequences, dammit! he's easygoing and i'm a control freak (he calls me a micro-manager in the nastiest voice possible when he's fed up with this). we make a good team most of the time. but i don't want to be the only ADULT. he plays with the kids and i discipline them. it's not fair!

OK, i feel better. i know it doesn't ever end up fair. and when i'm totally laid up, he does step up a bit on the disipline factor.

as i closed with him - being parents is always something.

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