Thursday, May 07, 2009

ew yuk

i can tell this story b/c it doesn't reflect badly on ME...

#1 son is currently emptying the clean dishwasher. the dirty dishes on the counter above the DW fell off, and he was picking dishes up off the floor.

he says to me, "there's a plate way under the dishwasher... i think i can get it."

as he pulls it out, he sees what appears to be grunge on it, and says "EW, it's OLD!" and backs away as though it had hairy legs and was bouncing around on the floor.

i go to look. yes, it IS old. it has what appears to be DRIED-UP CAT FOOD - we no longer have a cat - on a plate that never belonged to us (we moved in 9 months ago). i tell him this. he says "we don't have to KEEP it, do we?" i laugh. no, we can throw it away.

sometimes one's sensibilities are more important than the three R's (reduce, reuse, recycle).