Tuesday, April 29, 2008

why i don't watch the news

so my day is off to a good start. yesterday the kitchen circuit blew, and it appears to be a short in the wiring, so a nice hefty electrician bill today (hasn't come yet, but i'm certain of it). the appliances are fine, nothing is spoiling, but i can't see to cook b/c the lights are out.

get up this morning to call the electrician. my internet won't connect. i rebooted the computer, the modem, the wireless, all twice. no dice. so i went in the TV room to call the cable company. turned on the TV to check whether i had ANY cable function.

CNN scares me. they're predicting things like oil prices doubling AGAIN. how the hell will anyone be able to live? there will be riots, panic, food riots! our country is very dependent on oil for everything - products are trucked everywhere, and the cost of transportation very much affects the price of food.

so i come to the computer to look for a story i can READ about oil futures. maybe i heard CNN wrong - on the internet, they're talking about an increase from $100 to $120 a barrel on oil. still ANOTHER blow to the gut, but a smaller one, anyway.

but the internet also talks about current food shortages worldwide. if gas and food both double in cost AGAIN, society will fall apart.

i want to go buy 100 pounds of beans and rice, and go hide in my basement. you can live on beans and rice for a long time!

there are people who ENJOY hearing bad news. i'm not one of them.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

did you know?...

a song that gets stuck in your head is called an earworm???

me, i have chronic earworms. this is just the latest - and funniest!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

breakfast thoughts

i buy rye bread every few months for a treat. b/c obviously i LOVE it. i love rye toast with real butter. nothing like it.

only thing - i HATE CARAWAY SEEDS. almost as much as horseradish.

and i bought the wrong damn bread. so this morning for breakfast i just choked down a single slice of toast as fast as possible, and it's no damn treat! and i'm doing well to be only saying damn this morning!

*sigh* Wii will make it up to me later.

did i mention i finally found a Wii in the store? on Sunday? and it's running hot b/c it hasn't been off since? and yesterday i got EXERCISE from it? hm. how could i have neglected to do so - unless i was too busy PLAYING!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

asthma and spring!

i am so freaking glad it's spring! with all of the colds we passed around all winter, my asthma got worse than it has ever been. i have asthma that is triggered by other events, and then has to be treated; i take a singulair pill every day that normally controls it completely.

#2 son and i had to go get inhalers a few weeks ago. he got 100% better very quickly - ain't it great to be young? i took it for a week before i noticed ANY improvement, and another week before i stopped feeling sick, and a THIRD week before i started feeling wellish!

the dr. said we should take these through cold season AND allergy season, and hopefully won't have asthma attacks next year.

however. now that my asthma has improved, i can sing Good Morning Baltimore without being completely out of breath! woohoo!


DH's mom is 84, in pretty good health, but recently had a recurrent GYN cancer and has been taking radiation therapy. he planned when this came up to visit her this weekend.

so he was supposed to fly to Philadelphia yesterday morning. he got up at 3:30, got on the plane fine, got to Wilmington DE (which is where the low-cost airline flew). but they couldn't land b/c of fog; circled, considered whether it would clear, thought it would, decided it wouldn't, and CAME BACK TO GREENSBORO. we thought this is insane! why would they come all the way back HOME?

after that, DH took the refund offered and said i'm not going - he was flying home sunday morning anyway, had already put out the effort to get there, didn't feel like starting over for such a short trip.

this morning, the headline of our paper read: SKYBUS OUT OF BUSINESS. i'm so grateful DH isn't in PA! he would have had to take a bus or a train home, and would likely have missed work, and we both would have been very anxious and stressed.

sadly, we had purchased tickets for graduation (nephew graduating West Point 5/31! we're VERY proud!) through this airline; odds look like we SHOULD be able to get a refund, but we'll be driving all the way to new york now! guess the kids will miss a couple more days of school. i really had to work to get DH to agree to the trip in the first place, but the debate is over and we're still going.

there has definitely been someone watching over us this weekend! hoping that will continue for our other trip and, of course, all of our days.

deeper still

we had a sad event in March. Milly, our beloved kitty of 9.5 years' age, was put to sleep. she had developed a tumor in Jan.; #1 son told me about it and i took her to the vet Feb. 18, where it was diagnosed and was inoperable. it had grown by March 17 to this point. we miss her very much.

and it casts a pall over the whole family. except perhaps LaLa! i'm off my game, and i'm blaming this event. i've also been journaling more at cafemom.com, so maybe i need a little less outlet here. i don't know.

i'll hafta get some humor going on here to lift the tone. the Deep Thoughts title is supposed to be extremely tongue in cheek, not reality!