Friday, December 19, 2014

poke poke - hello!

I like to pop in here just to freak people out about once every year or two.

Life continues to change at a frantic rate.

Religion: After years of examining my beliefs, i decided my church felt like home, whether i believed 100% of what they preach or not. This is where being presbyterian comes in handy, as questioners are welcome. I joined the church choir. About 5 minutes later I was offered a job directing the choir at a different church, where I had applied a year earlier, and accepted. So I'm a dual citizen and have never been happier religiously.

  • princess is in 2nd grade and ridiculously happy.
  • middle child is conflicted, slightly manic, dealing with his depression in healthier ways than a few months ago.
  • oldest is driving happily, looking forward to graduation and turning 18 and doing stupid things to prove he's a real grownup. 
  • i've adopted a few of their friends lately and may have a full house soon
  • the husband and i have separated, which feels very positive on my end of things.
Work: I started new jobs in February, August, and October. Working hard, earning good money, putting in lots of hours, especially with the commute. Feeling semi-competent, which may be the pinnacle of folks in my department.

Home: I am buying a house in January. I'm starting to allow myself to become excited about this.

I don't spend nearly as much time in social media these days... probably less than 5 hours a week, compared to some days when I easily hit that number.

The new year approacheth rapidly, and I'll raise a glass to friends, family, love, and peace. Tootles!