Wednesday, November 29, 2006

pregnancy update 8 weeks


Monday, 11/27/2006:

8 weeks 2 days

PROS: getting to be too busy to obsess (plus past the point where i had m/c first time, so less need). feeling great most of the time. looking forward to less fatigue.

CONS: forgot my meds sat. pm and spent yesterday miserable! missing IBS meds = spend the day in the bathroom. missing GERD meds = spend the day nauseous, popping Rolaids. missing asthma meds = spend the day short of breath. (the PRO to this CON is when i figured out what happened, i was so relieved to realize that i wasn't going to feel like this for weeks!)

Wednesday, 11/29/2006:

i'm still starving, exhausted, and busy! the nutrition/diet thing is going fairly well - i behave for a couple of days, then take a day off. when the food aversions stop i'll try harder to go longer between days off. had to have mcdonald's for lunch today - extra pickles on a quarter pounder, lots of fries - it's just a taste that nothing else will satisfy!

gotta get more work in; no $$$!

my neighbor has promised me a baby shower - at first i felt like major selfish; i already had two! first baby had NC and PA family shower, and second in UT had shower. well, this one is in NC, and 7.5 years after #2, so i have NOTHING in the big category, and NOTHING in the small category (except a few keepsakes, going-home outfits etc.), either! planning to register at Target, probably shortly after Christmas. the good part is, i know exactly what i need and will USE.

major pregnant brain - no linear thought, just non sequiturs all day. no so different from usual for me, i can hear you saying! at least i'm used to non sequiturs. so my posts may read this way for the duration.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

security and jobs in india

I have been cussing about this ever since our first jobs went over there. Good jobs, the kind that pay a living wage (as opposed to fast food), are the kind we outsource to India, because it's cheaper. I get angry EVERY TIME I call an 800 number and reach an Indian operator.

I work in Medical Transcription, and have since I was 21 (that's 15 years now! eek!). Some years ago, companies began using Indian help. They excuse this saying that they can't find trained, competent employees in America. Well, they sure can't for what they can pay Indian employees!

I've been uncomfortable with this for a long time, in varying degrees from mad to irate, whenever it crosses my mind. But it was drawn to my attention yesterday the serious implications of using Indian call centers, and transcriptionists, and general work, for American jobs.

Several years ago, a law called HIPAA was passed. This was supposed to ensure that our medical records were safe and confidential. Remember all the doctors' offices handing out the papers to sign that you were aware of this?

If your medical records are going to India, the HIPAA laws cannot be enforced there. Your records and personal information are available to people who cannot be prosecuted for anything they choose to do with them. Medical records include SSN, DOB, mother's maiden name; everything an enterprising criminal (of any nationality) needs to steal your identity.

If you call a call center in India and give somebody your credit card information, there is no reason to expect that information is confidential, either. AMERICAN LAWS CANNOT BE ENFORCED IN INDIA.

Are you outraged? This is beyond neglect; it makes our laws a joke. I consider myself an educated person, and I have been aware of the facts for years; I never realized the implications of those facts. The average man on the street doesn't know the facts, but should!

We are commencing a grass-roots campaign to get our legislators aware of the problems with the HIPAA laws; if they passed these laws for anything more than a joke, action needs to be taken NOW. Identity theft is a problem that grows every day; if it hasn't happened to you or someone close to you, just wait! I felt secure, and I was being careful, but my debit card was "virtually" stolen in October.

Please reply with your email address if this concerns you; when we have a letter campaign started, we'll send it to you.

Friday, November 10, 2006



my little sister just started her blog, so i was inspired to start posting again. looking back at my previous posts, there are BIG changes here! we're excited to say that we're expecting another addition to the family in July! surprise! after i had the IUD removed in March, i had charted, but had never had a period, just spotting. in September, i saw the GYN about this, who told me that was only ovulating rarely, if at all. and in October, we found out that didn't mean quite the same thing as never.

we're thrilled with another blessing in our family. and scared and freaked out to no small degree! but we're all looking forward to it.

other thoughts will be posted as they stray in and out of my hormonal, dysfunctional brain!