Monday, February 19, 2007

i did it again.

i failed to send my children to school when they should have gone.

i'm really kicking myself for a supreme idiot about now. i have NOT gotten them ready b/c i mis-read the "snow day/delay" list on channel 2. i have sent them on time b/c i didn't check the "snow day/delay" list at all. and today i didn't send them at all.

but wait a minute - instead of kicking myself, shouldn't i be kicking my mis-INFORMANT? namely: DH. dammit! HE is the one who told me they were off today; in fact, he arranged to take the day off, too. so shouldn't i be kicking HIM?

maybe not - we don't need excuses to snipe at each other. [not really true, just last night we were; his idea of making up was making moves. i let him. otherwise, he's been an angel for months.]

however, i did issue a new edict: DH IS IN CHARGE of double-checking the school schedule. NOT me. i quit.

i wanted to quit everything when i first realized "i" had screwed up again. thank goodness i realized in time that, once again, DH is at fault!

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stewbert said...

so ... it's presidents' day. our kids didn't have school today ...