Friday, December 19, 2014

poke poke - hello!

I like to pop in here just to freak people out about once every year or two.

Life continues to change at a frantic rate.

Religion: After years of examining my beliefs, i decided my church felt like home, whether i believed 100% of what they preach or not. This is where being presbyterian comes in handy, as questioners are welcome. I joined the church choir. About 5 minutes later I was offered a job directing the choir at a different church, where I had applied a year earlier, and accepted. So I'm a dual citizen and have never been happier religiously.

  • princess is in 2nd grade and ridiculously happy.
  • middle child is conflicted, slightly manic, dealing with his depression in healthier ways than a few months ago.
  • oldest is driving happily, looking forward to graduation and turning 18 and doing stupid things to prove he's a real grownup. 
  • i've adopted a few of their friends lately and may have a full house soon
  • the husband and i have separated, which feels very positive on my end of things.
Work: I started new jobs in February, August, and October. Working hard, earning good money, putting in lots of hours, especially with the commute. Feeling semi-competent, which may be the pinnacle of folks in my department.

Home: I am buying a house in January. I'm starting to allow myself to become excited about this.

I don't spend nearly as much time in social media these days... probably less than 5 hours a week, compared to some days when I easily hit that number.

The new year approacheth rapidly, and I'll raise a glass to friends, family, love, and peace. Tootles!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

My last post was nearly 2 years ago. Things didn't exactly go as that hopeful post predicted, but they went their own way. Today, I figured out how to reaccess this blog. Linking it to a work email is problematic as my private email is linked to something else and it's all so complicated I'm not sure I care this much.

I graduated. I'm looking for a job. and I may use this as an outlet. That is about it.

Oh - and since graduation, I've rediscovered crochet. I may be posting about it obsessively. If so, it means I've conquered my fear of uploading photos. You have been WARNED! (apparently, this platform does not support emoticons. that may itself be a death knell!)

Sunday, January 01, 2012

2012: year in review

Note: Single Dad Laughing did this and challenged his readers to do it as well: Write a blog post as though the "new" year had just ENDED, and imagine what's going to happen, what's going to change, what goals you'll achieve, how you'll feel. Kinda quirky and right up my alley. So here you go...

2012 was my best year ever!

We rang in the year with family. I'm so glad we've spent more time with them this year! It has been hard with living farther apart, but the extra effort really has paid off. I can't imagine us not being super close any more!

Even with such a great start, things only went up. We went under contract for our new house the same week and closed in time for my birthday. I LOVE our beautiful, spacious house! It has really become our home. The kids are happier, I'm happier, everything works so much nicer with the bigger space.

The husband and I have found new life for our marriage. Our counselor helped us to see the positive aspects of our relationship and build a much better interaction. I'm so glad to be part of the relationship I've always dreamed of! He really is a great guy.

I've kept my grades up and have been so proud! I was dreading my internship/fieldwork semester this summer, but I had been well prepared and it went smoothly. I can't wait to finish my degree and get a job! The company where I did my fieldwork is really awesome and I think will be a great place to work when I get my degree; sure hope they're hiring this May! My education really has been a wonderful experience.

I've had to buy a whole new wardrobe since I've been eating healthy and exercising. My motives finally changed to where they worked: I decided to take care of myself, not worry about how I looked or "dieting." The change is fabulous - and DH is very appreciative!

#1 son got his learner's permit in June, and has surprised me with his mature outlook and responsible habits. I'm not terrified of his licensure next summer anymore! His grades are improving with that maturity; no more missed assignments due to neglecting to turn them in. He is even working a few hours a work and loves having spending money.

#2 son went out for football again this fall and got to play lots more. I was able to see him play this year, yay! He's still keeping up with Band/Jazz Band and though super busy, is still my happy little man.

Princess started kindergarten this fall and loves it! She's changed a lot too, learning to interact with other kids and not try to be the boss of everything. She's still a very caring little girl, takes care of me whenever she has the chance.

The world didn't end on #2 son's birthday (12/21/2012), and we're sure glad to be welcoming 2013 with the rest of you. After such a wonderful 2012, we look forward to all good things in 2013.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

catching up...

It's been a crazy mad semester. Yes, I'm measuring time in semesters again. Went back to school in January (if you missed it).

Lost 20 pounds in July/August. Not sure how. Took a family vacay to visit my family of origin in August. Began Fall Semester.

Won a scholarship. Got diagnosed with diabetes and hypothyroidism. Became obsessed with intake and blood sugar levels, not that obsession had any effect. Meanwhile, studied Pathophysiology, Federal Rules and Regulations regarding Clinical Trials, and Statistics. Took many tests, some while experiencing the vertigo that my vestibular system hit me with, obviously convinced I was managing too well with what I was juggling already.

The house got more and more cluttered. But I got 3 A's in my 3 classes at the end of the term, which ended this week. I have 4 whole weeks to get caught up on everything. The thyroid med is finally kicking in and I am sick of sitting in front of the computer, so instead I am GETTING THINGS DONE. Yes, I am also in shock.

Skipping over Thanksgiving madness and dealing with vomiting kids while studying for and taking finals (online class, yes really). I am feeling pretty great about where I am and where I'm going, and doing my best to enjoy the process.

Monday, October 03, 2011

fabulous news!

I was too busy to pick up the mail Saturday, so I got it yesterday. Imagine my surprise to discover I had been awarded a scholarship! I applied, yeah, but I didn't expect to get it; my teacher encouraged us to apply and most of us did.

It's a scholarship provided by a local pharmaceutical company. Not only will it help out financially, but it will ALSO get my name in front of folks I'll be applying with after I graduate. So, super thrilled to have this!

The old lady's still got it! Just took my first test in the terrible Rules and Regulations class and it wasn't as TERRIBLE as I'd feared (and been told). It won't be long before I get to do other things I've been waiting on... but I'm doing my best to enjoy my time in school, because it ALSO won't be long before I'm looking back on these days fondly. :D

Sunday, September 11, 2011


I feel like I should make a post today.

As so many others have said, more eloquently, it doesn't feel 10 years ago when I think about it. The pain is fresh. The memories are fresh. The day doesn't fade.

MCB posted a poignant poem.

I spent too much time studying and my thought processes are fried. My message is not original but is heart-felt.

We will never forget.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

I'm still alive!

I cleared cookies on my computer last summer, and couldn't find my way back into google. Today I tried again and they had added some new buttons to help me. Turns out, I was signed in on my work email with this account, which is why I couldn't figure it out.

I've had a LOT more time since not being able to access my google Reader, which is really a good thing as I'm back in school since January. Going after a Clinical Trials Research Associate degree, loving the process, loving the goal; will graduate after 7 straight semesters in May 2013. It seems a long way away, but it will pass quickly, I'm so damn busy! and if I don't go after it, time will still pass and NOTHING will EVER get BETTER.

So here I am again, warts and all. I may be around more often, wasting time here in lieu of wasting time on facebook; I may lose my cookies and/or mind again. I make no promises!