Thursday, March 01, 2007

update on Mr. ADHD

well, we had the appointment this morning. my three biggest points were:

-he's always fidgeting
-he's not responsible for homework, coming home or returning to school
-doesn't pay attention to what you're saying to him

(not exactly how we discussed things, but i don't have an eidetic memory and i DO have a sinus infection.)

rich's additional point:

-he can't control himself while playing with his brother, and things get out of hand regularly, with brother being injured.

we did another checklist thingie with the assistant, and when the doctor saw the results of that and the online one, as well as heard our biggest points, he started talking about meds.

people have warned me they don't believe in meds, and they're too quick to prescribe them. well, we've been avoiding believing this problem existed for years, so "quick" isn't really an adverb that applies.

there are two categories prescribed for ADHD: first are the amphetamines, which improve concentration. then there is Strattera, which was developed as an antidepressant and found to work better for this function. antidepressants CAN be used, but they carry a risk of increased suicidal ideation as a side effect.

we really trust our GP and decided to try Strattera. the problem has definitely gotten worse over the last six months. i'm able to see a difference in the two boys in how they handle things and how they work. the boy was actually GLAD to get evaluated and get help; he can't control himself, and it's very upsetting.

so, if you think i made the wrong choice, you're free to have that opinion. but i feel pretty good about this decision, and i don't much care about your opinion; I'M his mother, and that's good enough for me.


stewbert said...

I was gonna voice an opinion, but it doesn't matter.

Alana said...

this is YOUR child, and anyone who has an opinion on how you should raise said child, may want to re-think questioning your decisions. This is my biggest pet peeve..people (especially those without kids) thinking they know better than you how to deal with your chillins.
I am a FULL believer in better living through chemistry. In the past 10 years they have SO improved ADD meds, that if your child needs a little help being functional, whats the problem? I guaran-damn-tee that the first ones to critisize are the ones with a cabinet full of feel good pills themselves!
I have SEVERE insomnia..if I didnt have medication to counteract that, I would be a zombie 80% of the time. I also get anxiety attacks that make my Husband take me to the ER thinking its a heart attack..Xanax is GOD on days like that.
So piss off naysayers!
*removes self from soapbox*
we now return you to your regular programming.