Wednesday, March 14, 2007

le move

i thought i'd posted more here about this, but apparently it was on the family website.

some weeks ago, DH told me there was an opportunity to transfer to the corporate headquarters in Chapel Hill (90 miles east of us), with a promotion to training. he thought he was overqualified, and he didn't want to move. but the pay difference was 30%, so i told him he had to at least apply!

we waited for weeks for the interview, then the decision-making, then the official offer. haven't slept well the whole time. (there were a few other factors, cement-head among them.) and yesterday it became official! we don't have a time frame for his starting the job as yet, but we WILL be moving.

DH plans to get a studio in Chapel Hill until school lets out and the baby is born, then we'll move. he doesn't want to commute 90 miles each way, and i don't blame him. but it's only 90 minutes, and that's only twice his current commute, and the expense of an apartment is frightening. we need every penny to get this place ready to sell!

at any rate, it's wonderful news. we'll have far less stress about money, but we'll still be careful with it so we can clear up the financial mess we've BEEN in and stay out of trouble in the future. we may even be able to start 401K's!

the hard part is the kids. #1 son couldn't sleep last night b/c it was official and we told him. he knew it was possible, even probable for the last week or so, but knowing it made him really sad. and mommies HATE when their babies are sad. i always hate moving, but this is the choice we've made. and kids never get a choice. it sucks.

i'd like to do something special for my babies. but the banks took all our money for errors (on their part and ADP's part, will rant later about that!), and all i can do is give sympathy and hugs. i think we'll hit Michael's later in the week for a treat. nothing makes him happier!

NB: we have an official start date! 4-2-07!

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