Monday, March 19, 2007

house hunting trip 1


we've done this what, three times before? this was the hardest of all.

perhaps we're pickier than we used to be. but we know what we want, and need, and apparently we can't afford either. gr.

we looked at lot of dinky houses that won't work. we looked a couple of cute houses that the agent said he'd "hate to see us buy." (sorry, but his emotions don't factor into my decision-making!) he was really great otherwise, friendly etc. DH got along amazingly with him.

one we liked was built in 1912. about 1600 sq. ft., it's been kept up well, and completely redone with floors and a lovely kitchen. it's a little cold, being empty. but it has a nice yard and is across the street from a baseball field. it's in town, which would be different for us, but all in all, it would work well. others wouldn't as well.

it did have uneven floors in a couple of places from settling, and evidence of previous cracks. but really, everything visible was repaired. we'd have to have a thorough inspection done before buying, but it was nice. it wasn't perfect, but it was nice.

other homes didn't have any place for me to work. i'd either be in with the baby or in the front room. we dropped any that didn't have big yards as most did. we saw a couple of other pretty houses that were in the 1200-1300 sq. ft. range. they'd be a big compromise.

well, mr. mike said he'd look for some houses that fit our needs in durham, try to find out about the schools there. said SW durham could work. and some other small towns in a different direction. so we'll be driving around more. :p

came home and felt just worn out. slept 12 hours, badly. DH didn't sleep well either. before he went to sleep, he told me he felt that commuting was a better alternative to buying a tiny house that changes our whole standard of living. can't argue that! it wouldn't be easy, but none of it is. we shall see what trip 2 brings.

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Alana said...

I'm sorry house hunting sucked.
Lemme just add mu $0.02. Having lived in a 60 year old house, I would be loathe th reccommend an OLD house to anyone. Yes they are charming and historical and often beautiful..but unless a very pricey TOTAL remodel has been will turn into a money pit. Ours wasnt nearly as ols as 1916, and we have MULTIPLE age realetd issues..which is why we were so happy to move to a newer house!