Friday, March 23, 2007

friday fave five

i'm drawing a blank, but then i usually do, and go on to verbal incontinence...

i could borrow Alana's format and list my fave five fantasy fellas... and Dooce was talking about her life being unfulfilled if she couldn't sip alcoholic beverages from Clive Owen's navel.

let's see...

Daniel Craig... but it has nothing to do with his navel. sorry. i'm afraid a large part of his attraction is his ass. and his brass.

Colin Farrell... double-glove and go for it! and don't anyone bleach his hair ever again.

Jeff Goldblum, always and forever on the list!

still Pierce Brosnan, come to that.

and who could leave off Magnum, P.I.? i mean, Tom Selleck. every time i see him on TV, in Friends reruns or whatnot, my heart skips a beat.

i do believe Tom Selleck was my first lust object, and in those little shorts, who wouldn't breathe heavily? (mom tried to kill my crush as a child by telling me he was the same age as my father. my reply was what? he is? oh. so what?) Alan Alda was also on the list way back when! but i'm afraid he's a bit too old for the list now. although Sean Connery is always a contender!

looks like ima butt gal (see shorts comment). it WAS one of the first things i noticed about DH!

it also appears i prefer a dark look. i already knew that, but i'm cuing YOU in just in case you missed it. somehow i always end up with blondes, but that's b/c i look past the wrapping. in wrapping, i definitely prefer dark men!

now ... whether to post in current candid state or revise. what the hell is a blog for if not being candid? feel free post objections and if i'm affected by them i'll revise.

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