Friday, March 16, 2007


if you haven't discovered dooce yet, you have to clink my link to favorite places and check her out. she is the best blogger out there.

some of the "comments" on her site today reminded me of Richard Jeni's recent suicide. many of us who hide our feelings with comedy could use the reminder that we are loved and not to take the haters too seriously. this too shall pass.

and then there's Heather. now, she could be hiding her emotions. or blanking them out with Prozac, which is more likely (being as she posts about it). but when she gets hate mail, does she hate back? no. she posts it and mocks the mailers.

i hope i grow up to be like her.

and the name isn't anything nasty, it's her inability to type fast, in a work setting, which earned her a nickname now memorialized for all time (or until the EMP) on her site.


Alana said...

you're welcome

MamaBear said...

i am sure, being as i reference her regularly, that i have given you credit and appreciation for referring me on to her. how did YOU get hooked?

free tampons, anyone?

Alana said...

I ran across her one day then had to spend sevearl HOURS catching up on every post for several years. I love her. I want to stalk her and make her be my pal.