Wednesday, March 28, 2007



since i got my sniffers, i've been feeling MUCH better. i had a sore throat the day after looking at houses the first time. sunday i ran out of Zyrtec and didn't take it for two days. SCREAMING sore throat, worthy of ice cream at bedtime to try to get it to calm down enough to sleep.

BUT i know what makes it happen now. i asked the doctor for samples until i could find my Zyrtec (b/c i already had the refill), brought them home and promptly found it! and i'm happier this morning.

both sons usually take Claritin all allergy season. it's helping #1, but #2 has itchy burning eyes constantly and dark circles and misery. so he's taking the Zyrtec samples, to see if it helps better. our family doc sez this is a terrible year for it - he also had swollen face and itchies, claimed he had a cold to boot. i definitely know how he feels! and he can keep it!

i take Zyrtec year-round for various allergies, and my skin was getting itchy all over yesterday, so i guess i haven't outgrown it. :p

baby girl is getting more and more active (or at least palpably active!) and i'm enjoying being nudged at random moments 24/7. really. ask me in a month how my ribs feel and it will be a different story, but now, i'm enjoying it! this next month is about the best part, and i have to spend it cleaning and packing. *eyeroll*

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