Tuesday, March 20, 2007


feeling a little less overwhelmed by house hunting trip. obviously will have to schedule these on saturdays so i can function by monday!

searched durham and found some good links. these are a couple that might work:




if you enjoy looking at houses online, check them out. if you're just relieved i'm less stressed out, leave me a note. if you don't really care, what are you doing here? :p


Alana said...

hoping the log cabin is a joke.
the first 2 looked nice! I though you said the area was $$$ those are GOOD prices!

MamaBear said...

those are durham. mebane is a nicer area, but more $$$. 1200 sq ft for 145K. very discouraging.

nah, my boys would love to live in a house with a log cabin facing. until we see it, we can't tell whether it's a dump. it is a repo, though, so less optimistic.

just talked to mortgage lady who felt very good about our prospects, which improved my mood hugely!

MamaBear said...

in case anyone ever reads comments this far back...

the log cabin was a DUMP. we drove past since our now former agent couldn't find it. it was covered with wasps nests, and had structural damage, as well.

i told the listing agent they HAD to do something about the wasps or nobody would even be able to look at it. they said "we have an offer anyway, we don't care." and told me to drop my agent.

so now you know, if you were wondering or perishing of curiosity.