Friday, March 02, 2007

Friday Fave Five

TGIF! why is it TG this F?

1. it's the first day this week i've stayed awake after waking up in the morning.
2. i'm going to be broke, but i called out sick, so i don't have to make up my hours! this means my saturday may not be a total wash for a change!
3. DH is interviewing with his company for a nice promotion this afternoon. it would mean a move, so he's a bit ambivalent, but it would also be a big raise (or we wouldn't do it). so, yeah, lots of stress, positive and negative, going on in the house!
4. Clintamycin (clint eastwood of antibiotics) makes you run to the bathroom lots, but it kills EVERYTHING it should, and nothing else has, so i'll put up with this for a while. lots of yogurt, probiotics, and metamucil. (yeah, tmi, so what?)
5. it's Friday, grace of God, and i'm sure glad! i may actually get well for more than 5 days straight this time! i'm kind of feeling hopeful, and that's a MAJOR improvement.

what's good on YOUR friday list?

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