Saturday, March 03, 2007

more dreams

weirdness... i've only gained 10 pounds, at 22 weeks. this is PERFECT for someone who started out at a healthy weight. i've never started there, and i've always gained at LEAST twice that by this point. but i've had no appetite mostly.

so, my subconscious has to worry. that's what it's there for. "my baby isn't growing! it's going to be born early b/c it isn't thriving in the womb! many other things could be going wrong! the OB doesn't measure my belly at my visits [probably due to my starting weight] and the baby might not be growing!"

last night i dreamed that baby was born at 6 months 2 days, weighed 5 pounds plus, and was healthy. but tiny!

like i don't have enough going on, now i'm obsessing about this. truly, boobies are a much healthier obsession - there aren't really any consequences!

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