Thursday, March 01, 2007

still sick and tired

but improving. now my head is full of cotton balls instead of mashed potatoes (which were an improvement over cement, remember). i need a nap, but i'm going to work instead. then i can sleep when the kids get home - why pay attention to THEM? (seriously, i've got Major Mommy Guilt over how little attention they've gotten in recent months. they'll get still less after Thumper climbs out!)

that is all.

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Devra said...

Oh wow! My parents' nickname for me was "Thumper" too! It almost ended up being my legal name on my birth certificate because my family was having a disagreement on what name I should be given. Thankfully they figured it out in time and I was able to leave the hospital as Devra Gordon, instead of "Thumper Gordon" like my father initially had suggested.