Friday, March 02, 2007

my obsession again

so, last night i dreamed i had a boob job, a la Pam Anderson, and i was so thrilled with my luscious breasts i just wanted to walk around topless (and did for some time, too. dreams can be fun!).

now, i did watch Charlie's Angels before i went to sleep - a favorite guilty pleasure - and there are some very nice racks displayed prominently therein (Drew Barrymore before she lost weight - her decolletage is PERFECT, and the objects themselves pretty fine, too)! perhaps this is where my subconscious got it.

it was really interesting b/c i had psychic powers and could alter my body, my reality, which universe i was in at a thought. but i had to concentrate, and once i had it figured out it started faltering. of course. i love having powers in dreams, but they always short-circuit when you become a bit conscious of them.

since this is a frequent topic in various ways, had to post it. i was also nursing the baby. weird weird weird. i'll admit to an obsession now, i suppose. maybe someday i'll outgrow my Emerson phase, but i doubt it.

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