Wednesday, March 21, 2007

good things

i promised to post good things about #1 son when they came up. so when i get the warm, gooey mama feelings, i'm compelled by that promise to share.

all year, they've been sending home notes about music lessons, that 4th grade will need a recorder in january. in january, they started being urgent. DS was NOT enthusiastic, to say the least, about the lessons, but didn't want to be unprepared. so of course he was. when we tried to remember on the weekend, we found the stores were all closed on sunday. see what you get for procrastinating?

we ran out to get the recorder finally on a weekday, and discovered that the book had to be ordered in, since all of the local schools do the same thing, and there are only two music stores in the entire city area.

so this week he finally had recorder and music together and got to go to class.

since then, he has been practicing daily and loving it. he is thrilled that he can make music, that he knows what the different notes are, that he's learning to read music.

it's a surprise, mainly because of how strenuously he resisted it, and how against such things he can be. but he's found a passion and i'm in mommy heaven.

meanwhile, #2 son is singing all the time and wants to learn more piano constantly. no fighting to get him to enjoy music! and he's the one i labeled "stubborn." go figure.

i'm sitting back with a contented cow look on my face (and a blue koala maternity shirt on my bod), and no apologies. sometimes that's just the best we can aspire to! and it's pretty dang good!

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