Tuesday, March 06, 2007

more dreams (part 2)

i dreamed Brad Pitt was my baby daddy last night. funny, he acted just like DH does when he's at his nicest. all i want is to be worshipped - is that so much to ask? [NB - we did buy Ocean's Twelve Friday, and watched it twice since then, so i KNOW where my subconscious is getting this from.]

seriously, DH has been at his best through this PG. i know i've said so before, but i've been sick so long, and able to do so little. he's kept up, and has rarely gotten impatient. (of course, i cry when he does, so it's not really rewarding to get impatient!) my appetite has gone missing, and he actually brought home fast food Sunday, even though he really doesn't like it much. (sadly, at his point, neither do i. somebody help me!)

so if i dream DH looks like Brad Pitt, i guess it's ok for him to dream i look like whomever appears in his subconscious. *snicker* nice of me to give his SUBCONSCIOUS permission to fantasize, innit?

this started out to be a "fantasy" fun post, and turned into a "my DH is so great!" post. how disgusting, truly! but he's gotten a lot of appreciation when he's been sweet. he lova me. lova me, lova me!

just chalk it up to hormones if i'm too squishy for you. it's my birthday and i'll gush if i want to!

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Alana said...

oh yeah. happy berfday.I made a point this mornigng to remeber to do this..thm promptly forgot in the flurry of last minute planning of the first of 3 freaking birthday parties for miss spoiledy pantaloons.