Monday, March 05, 2007

late Oscar post

i still want to talk about the Oscars, even though it was a week ago already. i've been sleeping most of the week, so the post comes now.

do i discuss who won or what they wore? i haven't seen a lot of first-run movies lately, so i'm not all that into who won. feel free to comment on the subject.

my best-dressed woman by far was Cate Blanchett. she was perfect! the dress was amazing, metal mesh [actually found out it was SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL mesh, weighed 40 POUNDS - almost as much as the actress! who knew they could do that? too cool!], covered by some soft stuff so she didn't look like an iron maiden. her figure was flawless. her EARRINGS made me drool - they had some cunning filigree sort of shape up around her earlobe, and i LOVED them!

Helen Mirren was a close runner-up for #1. age-appropriate, sexy, gorgeous, looked like a princess! (ormaybea "Queen?")

could NOT get into J-Lo - reduce the bling by 50% or more, get rid of the 60's helmet-hair, and she'd have looked like a goddess. but it's J-Lo so nobody could say a word against her.

worst dressed? meryl streep, and eva green (the new bond girl, might have last name wrong). meryl looked like she didn't care, b/c if she won it was an injustice. eva looked like she needed to HIRE A STYLIST NOW! she's so gorgeous in the movie, and she was a frump in an ugly dress. bless her heart.

jennifer hudson couldn't keep her hands out of her pockets, and the bolero did nothing for the dress. we forgive her b/c it was her first time. and can that girl sing? wow! (dreamgirls is on my catch-up list)

beyonce was a split decision for others, but i thought she looked Sha-Zam! (of course, she always does. she and halle berry definitely know what works on their freak-of-nature amazing bodies.)

many others looked very nice, or not bad. i'm still in the air on nicole kidman's red bow. but don't you agree - i've dissected the world of fashion FAR more ably than the rivers ladies!?! E should hire me - i recognize the designers' names, but not their dresses.

some of the young starlets who have big bosums need some damn SUPPORT, instead of wearing strapless and hanging to their knees. NOT your best look, ladies! (anne hathaway, kirsten dunst) they need to hire beyonce/berry type stylists.

i'd love to BE a stylist. tell stars what looks best on them? fun! somebody needs to take a firm hand on Jada and tell her just b/c she CAN wear anything doesn't mean she SHOULD. and can she do SOMETHING with that hair besides pull it back and look like a pinhead?

rnating is fun. [nobody noticed i misspelled ranting. i was hoping for a reciprocal rant!]

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