Wednesday, December 23, 2009

you have GOT to be kidding!

i came downstairs after working up a good sweat wrapping prezzies (not sure how that happened, but it's fact). DH was throwing something away - a white lunch bag that said "to mom and dad, from angela." he had taken it from LaLa.

i turn around and princess has a painted wood star in her hand. i say, "oh, no, baby, we have to wait for christmas to open the prezzies!"

DH immediately says, oh, _I_ opened it! i wasn't sure WHAT it was from, mother's day or something, so i opened it.

it's 3 days to christmas, and you couldn't figure out that it might be a Christmas gift? WTF? he is getting more senile every day, and at 50, that ain't good. i'm just appalled and kinda speechless.


stewbert said...

:O I'm speechless. WTG husband, you managed to knock the two most vocal female members of our family flat on our butts ...

Kim said...

Wow, that kind of made me sad for Lala. Wow, really sad really.