Tuesday, December 29, 2009

catching up

as Kim mentioned, i've been quite verbose this month.

i started on some medication for my anxiety about a month ago. coincidence? i don't think so. i'm feeling more like MYSELF than i have in ages. i just didn't realize how UN-like myself i had felt, it's a gradual slide. once things got just about rock bottom (i was mostly unable to function every day), i went and asked for help. yay!

thus, feeling better, i started posting more. when i realized JUST HOW MUCH i'd actually posted this month already, i started thinking i could maybe do 31 posts in a 31-day month. but only if i had something to say. when i'm MYSELF, there is never any doubt.

our move was so unequivocally HELLISH, and so hard on me. we have had at least TEN disasters as great as today's since mid-September, and it overwhelmed me so much and made me so depressed and anxious, I COULDN'T EVEN TALK ABOUT IT. major red flag. when i talked with my 2 seesters one day about this, they told me to get myself to the MD and get some meds. which i did. thanks again, seesters!


DH brought home a used treadmill he found on Craigslist (for $75!) tonight. it's COLD, and it took about 20 minutes to get through the door (#1 son helped). the temp in the house plummeted. i'm still chilly.

but i got my christmas gift! i got both things i asked for, which is awesome! and dressing up lolly is a gift in itself; she got so many new clothes she still hasn't worn them all. so better days are coming, and we survived 2009! and we learned NOT to cross the MamaBear. :D


The Boob Nazi said...

I totally understand feeling like yourself again. I've had times in my life where I've felt like I have no control over my personality. It sucked. When you get back to yourself, it's heaven. sigh

stewbert said...

Glad you got in and got some help.

AND yay for the treadmill!

Kim said...

Well that explains that! It is good to "see" you again.