Wednesday, December 30, 2009


anxiety. decisions. fear.

i'm not making a "new year's" resolution, just a ME resolution. i'm going to work on ME this year. i'm an important person, too, and i am going to do things to help ME grow and be happy. been meditating this morning on how, when, where i'm coming from and where i'm going, and eradicating fear.

one of the best new "friends" i made in facebook is helping with this. she spends her days spreading sunshine and love, and embraces all who want to bask in her positive energy. she's a "game friend," don't know much about her, nor she me, but her posts make me feel more myself and wonderful ABOUT myself.

she posted about how she felt things were too good to be true with her recent move. and this is a note i wrote in reply to her today: "we moved into a place that was too BAD to be true in september and i feel trapped, can't leave until next sept. lots of fear on this, too. fear is the soul-killer, must shed it! it is what it is and i will get through this, too. have tried to forget that! thanks for all the beautiful reminders of how beautiful i am!"

mommies sometimes sacrifice too much for their children. seek out people who make you feel beautiful and loved, and don't forget that we are JUST as important as our children are and WE deserve to be happy, too! namaste!


kadyb said...

good thoughts! hang in there!!

Gwydion's mama said...

Good for you.

Kim said...

Great thoughts! I do agree 100%