Thursday, December 31, 2009

a final (?) delicious thought

my seester just summited the challenge of Julia Child's boeuf bourgignone. clicking idly through links from that recipe, i came across this gorgeous description of replicating Julia's first dinner in France:

myself, i saw Julie and Julia earlier this year and was VERY inspired. no, i'm not going to make all the recipes in her seminal opus, but i'm inspired. ;) one of my two requests for Christmas was MASTERING THE ART OF FRENCH COOKING. it is delicious reading and i feel even _I_ can make boneless duck en croute, the final dish in the movie. Julia was a scientist in the kitchen and her descriptions of how and why to take each step are masterful, truly.

now that i've read this article, i'm inspired to travel to France again, and to visit this restaurant, and to clog my arteries with beautiful BUTT-er. (alas, if only my funds matched my inspiration.)

but that is a wonderful thought, mental picture, what-have-you, to end a year on. Bon appetit!

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stewbert said...

Thanks for the link. Now I wanna go there, too. hehe

I have no desire to tackle every recipe in the opus either, but had to try that one. I'll be putting MtAoFC on my "honey, here's a list of gifts to choose from ..." list. Hopefully I'll get it some day and can try other equally wonderful recipes.