Tuesday, December 15, 2009

it's 10 days to christmas and...

today i went to the Evil Empire. (wal-mart, for the uninitiated.) i wanted to get the rocker TV chairs that sit on the floor for my boys. they're getting 3 good gifts and a few smaller ones and that's IT. of course, one is guitar hero, and one is a punching bag. so this was the other big gift and then we were just going with a few books and suchlike.

the EE is OUT of those chairs. le sigh. tomorrow i venture forth to the Mother Ship (target) for prescriptions and will try to acquire them again. later in the week doing borders, and there's another EE near there, so i have a third source to try. and after borders, i can ship gifts around the country.

so i'm mostly ready for christmas, in that i have a firm plan. but i'm feeling sick today and hope i can get it all done.


The Boob Nazi said...

Man, I hate shopping around Christmastime. I'm pretty sure I'm never doing it again.

stewbert said...

Good luck MamaBear.

BNzi, you will if you ever have children. I promise.

Erica912 said...

Ahh I love you so :)
Good luck on your ventures, I havent even set FOOT in a store and I have no shopping done for the kidlets. I will feel your pain very shortly :(

Kim said...

Yesterday I got 99% of mine done. Then I got home and found that Son #1 had saved money all year to go get gifts for everyone.. SO I get to take one teenage girl, and one preschool girl back to the land of evil. Little man is still too little to care, he didn't even care about birthday gifts.

Add on... I got to take an 80 year old woman who acts like a 3 year old today.

Anyway.. Beanbag chairs, Target has some AWESOME ones, J is totally wanting one for a gaming chair. Worth a looksie.