Friday, December 18, 2009

only 7 days until Christmas!

i went to Target the day after the EE. no chairs. did get some things there that i had planned for, but i still need a dancy-dance dress; princess was with me and i couldn't shop. she wanted them all.

also hit Trader Joe's. not for Christmas but just because I LOVE THAT STORE! i wish it were a franchise because i'd open one in utah valley next week.

then yesterday we got Border's in. this marked a few names right off my list! whee! i love gettin' 'er done! lolly wanted a flashy-light ball, which i was prepared to get and hide, but then she saw a ty panda bear, and she was sleepy, and he was so soft and cuddly. i let her hold him and look at him, and when you have a sleepy 2-year-old you should NOT let them hold a stuffed animal unless you intend to purchase it. *sigh* which i then did. she introduced him to her favorite toy immediately. Poppy, this is panda - see? worth it right there.

still need to get to Play It Again Sports for #2 son's birthday present, but there's a winter storm headed this way (which just aggravates me NO END!), and it might not get done before his birthday monday. :( i have to return to my favorite stores once more WITHOUT the princess to finish up the little things (like tutus and guitar hero fake-outs), but i'm getting very close to done. i'll wrap and prepare things and ship monday to those that must be shipped.

i planned things out a week ago, what stores to hit in what order, and i must say things have really gone quite smoothly. we may not get the video-game chairs, but that's ok. they were the icing, not the cake.

how's everyone's prep going?


Kim said...

We are DONE! Okay mostly. My step-dad is coming down, seeing this is the first year (my mom went Christmas shopping before she died) that my mom didn't buy, I am getting him a few things.

I still have stocking crap to get. I tried to find chairs beanbags or other for the kiddos, no luck either.

I still have P to get for.. And I still need to take the girls. Okay so maybe I am not close to being done. *sigh*

stewbert said...

I have to go to EE tomorrow for a couple of movies. And try to come up with something for Moe because all my plans have busted. Maybe he'll get cash.

And I'm shipping Monday, too. I was hoping for today, but no. Hafta finish the quilt and ship that to Cali, plus Mom and Dad's gifts to Oregon. And that's it. They'll be late. Owell.

stewbert said...

OH, and I went to The Mother Ship today with the kids to get the keyboard. I am completely worn out, but their Christmases are done. Sorry Munchkin, you have almost no Christmas surprises.

MamaBear said...

shipping monday should get things there in time for christmas! that was my plan all along - how can it be wrong??? :D