Wednesday, December 09, 2009

well aren't you just special?

lolly and i went to AC Moore today. why? to shop, duh. got color wonder christmas gifts and had fun.

some poor unfortunate soul had a small child along who wasn't happy about being there, and made sure everyone in the store knew it. the lady at the flower counter was making comments. fine. but she made sure she said "there's NOTHING so important that you can't take that child home when they're behaving like this." goes on to say she has 4 kids of her own.

well, i pity them. because a mom who doesn't get that people are different and have different needs isn't a fun mom to have. sometimes you don't get many opportunities to run errands. i needed to get some christmas gifts there, and today was when i could. if my kid was acting idiotic, i'd still need to get it done. and every kid isn't the same - some only fuss for a reason, and some fuss because they're a certain age and they need to fuss all the time.

no, it's not grocery shopping, the world won't end if you don't get your crafts done. but neither will it end if you have compassion instead of criticism. whaddayathink? whose side are you on?


Kate said...

kids are kids, & sometimes they go bananas. life still has to go on. if i gave up on things everytime one of my boys got loud/whiney/etc, i'd never get anything done. & people who say things like that about other people's parenting are just rude.

stewbert said...

Really, depends on the kid. DisGrace and D have left stores when two of theirs acted up (independently), and if mine was having that sort of tantrum, I'd probably leave, too. But mine hasn't ever been so bad I couldn't just say, "I'll find you a corner to stand in," and she shapes right up.

As you say, not all kids are the same, and life does have to go on.

I agree with Kate, too: Rude person to comment like that.

Anonymous said...

Somebody's mother did a wonderful job teaching her daughters about love, compassion, and parenting. I am humbly grateful for all of the women in our family.