Sunday, December 20, 2009

now that's customer service!

it's so rare anymore to get GOOD customer service, i have to brag.

after shopping yesterday, coming home at dusk, i stopped at bojangle's for dinner. for those who do not live near a bojangle's, i apologize. it's a sad, empty life you lead.

i ordered the tailgater special, which is chicken, biscuits, sides, and a half-gallon of iced tea. everybody do a homer and gargle your tongue. we had to wait a few minutes for one of the sides, and proceeded home.


let me describe bo's biscuits. no, let me confess the inadequacy of words to describe them. they are lovely southern bits of heaven. crispy outside, fluffy steamy white perfection inside, yes they really are this good.

to not get my biscuits REALLY upset me. i had to overindulge in ice cream.

so, while out today, i returned to bo's and whined.

the tailgater special comes with 4 biscuits.

they sent me home with A DOZEN free biscuits AND an apology.

merry christmas, bojangle's manager. you totally rock.


The Boob Nazi said...

A DOZEN??????? Oh my. I want a biscuit now.

kadyb said...

Good thing you were able to find something to compensate for the lack of biscuits. I hate it when I don't get my biscuits, and I don't even eat them any more. :)

Gwydion's mama said...


Bethany said...

Mmmm... Now you have this crazy, hormonal pregnant lady craving biscuits she won't ever be able to get. I think you'll owe my hubby an apology. :P

Kate said...

while i have never been able to appreciate the delicacies of southern cooking, i can appreicate exellent customer service-- well done bojangles! enjoy your dozen biscuits!! :)