Sunday, December 20, 2009

... and i survived!

it was actually rather nice shopping yesterday. the storm was over, but MANY many people stayed home, fearing to brave the cold and the snow. so it wasn't madness as one would expect on the last saturday before christmas.

i got #2 son's skateboard, yay! the second EE did not have chairs either. i will have to go to the first one again tomorrow and see if they got more in. also spent WAY too much time and energy at the mothership searching for dancy-dance dresses that didn't cost more than i'd spent on the rest of the family combined... i exaggerate. a little.

so things are coming together. i have one little project to finish today before shipping tomorrow. the kids are off school so i won't have to torment the princess dragging her to the post office the MONDAY before christmas, lol. and i have to start wrapping...

SIL is spending the night 12/23, so i have lots to do! as do we all. happy christmas to all!

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